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In the first round of the Serie A match a week ago, Juventus defeated Sampdoria 3-0 without a bloody effort. In the match, the Bianconeri showed a completely different fluency from last season, and the "rookie coach" Pirlo was also well received. Praise. In fact, in several warm-up games in the summer, the Italian legend showed his ideas for change, and after the striker recruited Morata, he accelerated the process. Against Rome, Pirlo made bold changes. Although the process and results of the game were not completely satisfactory, the outside world saw the possibility of the old woman's change.


The three-back formation is Pirlo's Juventus who practiced a summer formation and achieved good results in the first game. In the game against Samp, the Bianconeri did not make a shot in the first half of the match. Such a situation only occurred 4 times in the Surrey era. Pirlo showed the difference from his predecessor. Juventus had 20 shots in the opening game, of which only 7 were long shots from outside the penalty area.


Switching to three central defenders made the Italian media think that Pirlo was inspired by Conte, while the Spanish media revealed that Pirlo was based on Cruyff and Guardiola's tactics. In response, Pirlo responded lightly, "I don't want to copy and paste anyone's ideas. I have my own ideas and hope that the team can adapt." Less than a week later, the Juventus coach proved that he was wrong. Imaginary.


This week, the Spanish striker Morata, who had played for Juventus, officially announced to join the team, and the Bianconeri ushered in strong signings on the front line. Unexpectedly, in the strong dialogue with Roma, Pirlo directly let Morata and Ronaldo, who had joined the team for less than a week, start the match. According to the official formation plan given by the club, Juventus’ layout for this battle is 442. In the formation, Quadrado became the left wing guard, and the midfielder continued to believe in the teenager McKenney.


In fact, Pirlo's starting lineup is quite flexible. When defensive, the team is indeed a four-back formation, and when offensive, it prefers a three-back. Kulusevsky's role is equivalent to the right wingback, and Ramsey is still ambushing behind the striker, the frontcourt is still in the "3+2" offensive mode. Pirlo's changes give people a radical and bold feeling, but they also reflect the eclectic style of the football masters.

实际上,Pirlo的首发阵容非常灵活。在防守时,球队的确是四后卫,而在进攻时,则更喜欢三后卫。库卢舍夫斯基的角色相当于右后卫,拉姆齐仍然在前锋后面伏击,前场仍然处于“ 3 + 2”进攻模式。皮尔洛(Pirlo)的变化给人以激进和大胆的感觉,但同时也反映了足球大师的折衷风格。

So, how effective is Pirlo's changes? At least from the results, it did not achieve the expected results, but almost made the team overturned.


In the first half of the game, Quadrado, who appeared at the left wingback position, did not seem to be used to it. Kulusevsky on the right often played as a winger. Danilo increased the defensive area, but left empty space behind him. The pressure from the sides and backcourt created a predicament in the center and frontcourt. Ramsey had two fists and four hands, and one was surrounded by the other. In the interlocking football game, Juventus seemed to be all strangled to death.


As a result, people saw the game fall into the rhythm of Rome, Juventus's technical flow-led midfield was controlled, and McKenney's shortcomings were magnified. Pirlo faced the same problem as Conte—the offense was unsuccessful and was hit back. Only 12 minutes into the game, Mkhitaryan got a chance in the counterattack, but fortunately he was resolved by the Juventus god Shchensny. For most of the first half, Juventus played drowsy, but it was Roma's counterattack.


As a result, Weilertu's shot hit Rabiot, the referee awarded a penalty kick, and Juventus's once scandal target in the transfer window, Dzeko, was over. Before the end of halftime, Roma got a three-on-one space in the front court, and Mkhitaryan assisted Weiletu to complete the goal. It's no wonder that fans will collectively say "the feeling of last season is back", "change the deployment of all members for Morata" and "Pirlo failed to change." In all fairness, in addition to the never-ending Cristiano Ronaldo, other Juventus players did not create a decent opportunity.

结果,Weilertu的射门命中了Rabiot,裁判员判罚了点球,尤文图斯在转会窗口中曾经的丑闻目标Dzeko结束了。在半场结束之前,罗马在前场获得了三对一的空间,而姆赫塔良(Mkhitaryan)协助韦勒图(Weiletu)完成了进球。难怪球迷们会集体说“上赛季的感觉又回来了”,“更改Morata所有成员的部署”和“ Pirlo未能更改”。公平地说,除了永无止境的克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多之外,其他尤文图斯球员都没有创造体面的机会。

If it were not for Ronaldo to make points and score goals based on his personal ability, the Bianconeri would experience an extremely dark halftime. However, it was precisely under adversity that Pirlo's ability to respond on the spot was reflected. In the second half of the game, he sent Douglas Costa and Artur on the field, replacing Morata and McKenney, who were in the same state, in order to strengthen the ball. Artur's appearance became a turning point in the game. After Rabiot’s accidental fall off the court, it was Artur’s various protections and flanks that gave the team the confidence to deal with it. Juventus evened the score in the case of ten players and did not concede any more goals. It is not easy. .

如果不是罗纳尔多根据自己的能力来得分和进球,那么贝安科内里将经历一个极其黑暗的中场休息。但是,正是在逆境中,皮尔洛的反应能力才得以体现。在比赛的下半场,他派出道格拉斯·科斯塔(Douglas Costa)和阿图尔(Artur)代替了处于同一状态的Morata和McKenney,以加强球的实力。 Artur的出现成为了游戏的转折点。在拉比奥(Rabiot)意外掉下场后,正是阿图尔(Artur)的各种保护措施和侧翼使车队有信心应对。尤文图斯在10名球员的情况下将比分扳平,并且没有再丢球。这不简单。 。

Freezing three feet is not a day's cold, and revolution cannot be accomplished overnight. From the perspective of competitive sports, Pirlo's trial against Rome is undoubtedly a failure. If Ronaldo did not desperately save the decline, if it were not for the president to bounce against the sky to equalize the score, the defending Serie A champion is likely to defeat Rome. This situation has frequently occurred last season. When a 35-year-old veteran scored more than 30 league goals in a single season, it has been a very good explanation.


From the remarks after the game, we can also see the attitude of many parties to the game-Rome coach Fonseca said: "I am not satisfied with the result of the game, but I am satisfied with the performance, attitude and courage of our team." Zebra hero Ronaldo Said: "Now the overall level of Serie A is improving, I think this year's situation will be more difficult." Pirlo said bluntly: "The team's performance has regressed, but fortunately we have Ronaldo."


Juventus’s performance against Roma seems to be somewhat similar to the previous Manchester City’s match against Leicester City. Both Pirlo and Guardiola tried to dominate the game with a pass, but at the last pass and a shot. It is always difficult to make a difference on the top, which makes more than 60% of the ball control look tasteless, but it is the opponent's counterattack. At least after this battle, Pirlo will find that Guardiola's tactical ideals are not so easy to achieve. As a master of world football, he will not be brainwashed by the so-called "modern football".


Judging from the measures taken to clean up redundant staff and promote young people, Pirlo hopes to change the declining trend that Juventus has gradually shown in the past few years, and his football IQ makes the outside world full of expectations for every game and every change. For this novice For the coach, the strength of the team's Serie A Big Mac is the confidence of trial and error, not to mention having the endless conquer Ronaldo, the lower limit of the Bianconeri is guaranteed.


In other words, this is only Pirlo's second game coaching Juventus. He has shown a deep understanding of football and a break-through mindset. Perhaps people need more patience to wait. But for Juventus, Milan's youth is invincible, Inter Milan is ambitious, Naples is out of turmoil, Atalanta's morale is booming, leaving Serie A hegemony with fewer chances of trial and error than last season. This time, can Pirlo transform the Zebra Army?


(South Stand)


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